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Translation And Interpretation

•Translation- (written)

We translate audio material as well as all formats of written documents for the purposes of business communication, legal, education and medical us. We assign 3 linguists to every translation project. All of our linguists are native Haitian Creole professionals. It is a 4 step rigorous process: the first translator reads the original material, produces translation, reviews the translated document, and then forwards it to the editing department. From there a linguist proofreads the document, edits, checks and corrects grammatical and spelling errors. The translator validates second review done by the linguist and together they produce a final text. A senior editor/linguist checks the quality of the text, ensures cultural relevancy (with emphasis on target audience), shares the final product with all team members involved in the process. The team then puts translated material in requested format and delivers the final translation timely and professionally via mail, email, or fax based on clients request.


Haitian Creole translation and interpretation requires pros

Why Haitian Creole Translation Requires Professionals

Despite some surface similarities between the two languages, a French speaker attempting to translate Haitian Creole would lead to some very muddled communication.

As Haiti’s co-official language – along with French – and as the country’s sole literary language, Haitian Creole requires translation by a professional translator fluent in its unique grammar and lexicon. With a total of 12 million fluent speakers in the world, Haitian Creole is the largest French-derived language and most spoken creole language in the world.

How Haitian Creole Is Different Than French

The greatest difference between French and Haitian Creole lies in the grammar of both languages. The conjugation of verbs, pluralization of nouns and other linguistic nuances make Haitian Creole its own separate language that needs to be translated as such.

Unlike French, verbs in Haitian Creole are not conjugated and tense is indicated by the presence or absence of tense markers before the verb. So the phrase “I ate” (mwen te manje) uses the past-tense marker “te,” and becomes “I am going to eat” by changing the marker to “pral” (mwen pral manje).

In addition, nouns are pluralized by the addition of the definite article to the word. In order to pluralize “book” (liv) the article “yo” is added (liv yo). This is in contrast to the method of pluralization featured in French in which “s” or “es” is added to the noun and the preceding article. (Read More)

Why we are the Best? Tips For Learning Haitian Creole How it Works
Why choose KreyòLab over the others?

Our highly trained staff is dedicated to supporting the development of all students. Our teachers and support staff use our unique methodology and a quickly effective curriculum to help students gain quick and accurate fluency in the reading, comprehension and speaking of the Haitian Creole language. Our teaching method engages students in one-on-one individualized courses with distinguished instructors, linguists, and writers who are native speakers of the Haitian Creole language.

Our Professional Staff, our teachers are trained educators.

Why exactly are you learning Haitian Creole?

Who are the people you will be interacting with? Chances are you are trying to learn Creole for travel, volunteer, or work. You will be communicating with Haitians from all walks of life; from a young family in need of help for medical aid and interpreters to businessmen and market women --or “machann” as they are known. Hence, you must remember just what drew you in to this lovely, mountainous, Caribbean escape in the first place.

It is all happening via Skype or we can come to you. We have qualified instructors all over the country.

KreyòLab: The best platform on the web to learn Haitian Creole
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