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Translation And Interpretation

•Interpretation- (spoken)

We provide interpretation services such as simultaneous and consecutive interpretations. We can travel anywhere in the world to assist our clients and specially to Haiti. With over 10 years of experiences in this field we are a strong group of professionals dedicated to bridging the linguistic gap between our clients and the global Haitian community. All of our interpreters are native Haitian Creole speakers that also possess native fluency in English. We provide interpretations over the phone, via teleconference, and escort interpretations (trip to Haiti), etc. Contact us today and let our team of professional linguists help you determine which mode of interpretation better suits your specific needs.

•Transcription- All audio recordings can be transcribed into accurate written documentations.

When you hire Kreyol Lab for your projects, Haitian Creole is at your fingertips and everything is fully customized for your individual needs. For additional information please feel free to contact us today. Our dynamic staff works around the clock to ensure timely delivery and excellence.

Quality doesn't have to be expensive. With Kreyol Lab quality has become a necessity not a luxury. If you find a cheaper quote anywhere we will match it and reward you with a complementary 10% discount. For additional services we offer click on here Services We Offer


Haitian Creole translation and interpretation requires pros

The Importance of Using Fluent Creole Speakers

Grammatical differences aren’t the only things that separate Haitian Creole from French.

Although the majority of its lexicon comes from French, Haitian Creole also employs a diverse vocabulary borrowed from a slew of other languages. Words from West African languages, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic pepper Haitian Creole speech and writing.

Because of these differences, it’s especially important to use a professional translator when you want to translate Haitian Creole. A French speaker won’t be able to translate Haitian Creole properly — he or she may have a grasp on the basics of the language but is sure to get tripped up on the technical intricacies that make Haitian Creole a language all its own.

A professional Haitian Creole translator with an expert understanding of the use of vocabulary and grammar is best equipped to handle the specific nuances of this unique language.

By Doug at Accredited Language

Why we are the Best? Tips For Learning Haitian Creole How it Works
Why choose KreyòLab over the others?

Our highly trained staff is dedicated to supporting the development of all students. Our teachers and support staff use our unique methodology and a quickly effective curriculum to help students gain quick and accurate fluency in the reading, comprehension and speaking of the Haitian Creole language. Our teaching method engages students in one-on-one individualized courses with distinguished instructors, linguists, and writers who are native speakers of the Haitian Creole language.

Our Professional Staff, our teachers are trained educators.

Why exactly are you learning Haitian Creole?

Who are the people you will be interacting with? Chances are you are trying to learn Creole for travel, volunteer, or work. You will be communicating with Haitians from all walks of life; from a young family in need of help for medical aid and interpreters to businessmen and market women --or “machann” as they are known. Hence, you must remember just what drew you in to this lovely, mountainous, Caribbean escape in the first place.

It is all happening via Skype or we can come to you. We have qualified instructors all over the country.

KreyòLab: The best platform on the web to learn Haitian Creole
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