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Take a Class

Beginner Sessions- (3 levels)
• Creole 101- These classes are ideal for students to become familiar or improve understanding basic pronunciations, basic greetings and key verbs that allow for basic conversations. All classes are accompanied by Kreyol Lab beginner’s manual and additional academic materials prescribed by the assigned instructor.

Intermediate Sessions- (3 levels)
• Creole 305 - For students that already have a basic proficiency, these classes allow for students to expand one’s vocabulary, build conversational skills and get a better understanding of the language through a deeper cultural understanding. The intermediate student is given individualized attention for satisfactory proficiency in the focus of their interests such as medical, legal, education, community building, construction, technology, business etc.

Advanced Sessions – (2+ levels)
• Creole 509- This unique class will place a special emphasis in communicating in Creole via open discussions and lectures about the history and current affairs of Haiti within socio-cultural contexts. By the end of this class students will have the capacity to communicate with accelerated proficiency with native speakers, and have confidence to travel freely to Haiti without the accompaniment of an interpreter. This is for individuals with a solid knowledge of the language who perhaps lived in Haiti for more than 6 months or are Kreyol Lab alumni.

. Elective Sessions- This is a special option for students that need immediate basic, or intermediate proficiency in a specific subject in the language. These elective courses are available to individuals for medical, volunteer, education, or business finance options. Please contact us for more information regarding these sessions. We design business Creole classes with students for specific purposes.
Our intense conversational 3 week sessions boast a broad range of classes for beginner through advanced students. Here at the Kreyol Lab we pride ourselves on our commitment to maintaining the highest quality of professional Haitian instructors while offering the most original teaching styles. Students learn about the culture of the Haitian people as they enjoy learning the language. With our unique emphasis on individual retention, students leave with the confidence needed to communicate with native Haitian-Creole speakers.

To take a class you need to click on the "Register" tab on our official website at www.creoleclasses.com . We offer some free Taster Sessions for people who want to experience a Kreyol Lab e-class first hand before signing up. If after participating in one or two sessions a participant is not satisfied he or she can easily withdraw and receive their money back.


In addition to having access to an extensive virtual network of highly qualified Native Haitian Creole speaking staff and Haitian Creole learners just like you, we also offer some of the most competitive rates. Each session consists of 16 one-hour classes starting at just $350. With the use of our PayPal payment method, you’re guaranteed the security of knowing you are enrolled in a fun, personalized and interactive session that will help you make considerable advancements in your goal of obtaining proficiency in the Haitian Creole language.

We also accept checks/money orders. There is a $25 fee for all returned checks.

Don’t see a class session that fits your schedule? Check out our class card rates that allow you to purchase classes as needed for your convenience.

3 Week Intensive Beginner Session (16 Classes) - $350
3 Week Intensive Intermediate Session (16 Classes) - $ 400
3 Week Intensive Advanced Lecture Sessions (16 Classes/Lectures) - $ 450
Single Class - $ 35
5 Class Card - $ 125**
10 Class Card - $ 200**

** All Cards Expire within 3 months from the date of purchase. No refunds, credits or exchanges. Once redeemed, class cards cannot be shared or transferred.

Inquire about our special 10% savings for non-profit groups of 8 or more traveling to Haiti.

Why we are the Best? Tips For Learning Haitian Creole How it Works
Why choose KreyòLab over the others?

Our highly trained staff is dedicated to supporting the development of all students. Our teachers and support staff use our unique methodology and a quickly effective curriculum to help students gain quick and accurate fluency in the reading, comprehension and speaking of the Haitian Creole language. Our teaching method engages students in one-on-one individualized courses with distinguished instructors, linguists, and writers who are native speakers of the Haitian Creole language.

Our Professional Staff, our teachers are trained educators.

Why exactly are you learning Haitian Creole?

Who are the people you will be interacting with? Chances are you are trying to learn Creole for travel, volunteer, or work. You will be communicating with Haitians from all walks of life; from a young family in need of help for medical aid and interpreters to businessmen and market women --or “machann” as they are known. Hence, you must remember just what drew you in to this lovely, mountainous, Caribbean escape in the first place.

It is all happening via Skype or we can come to you. We have qualified instructors all over the country.

KreyòLab: The best platform on the web to learn Haitian Creole
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